Meet our Ambassador

Meet Ambassador, Mark Jaine

At the Home Front, we think it's important for you to meet the people behind the organization. Today we're interviewing with Mark Jaine, our Ambassador. You can find him on twitter here:


Why did you decide to join The Home Front Team?

COVID-19 has the potential to alter our way of life, unlike anything modern civilization has ever witnessed. This is THE challenge of our generation, and the frontlines of this challenge are within our hospitals. The THSNI is a supply line to support the doctors, nurses, medical workers and hospital staff that are not only putting their lives at risk to save others but in turn, are protecting our way of life and the future of our civilization.


Wow, that's a perspective I had not thought about! So tell us about the work you will be doing on the team.

My role is to engage Toronto leaders, executives and organizations in this initiative and to provide/facilitate financial support.


That sounds amazing. And circling back, tell us something you'd like to say to front line workers right now.

What you do over the next 3 months will be remembered and appreciated for generations to come, thank you.

Thank you for your words, Mark! A powerful and true statement. Do you have an article you think our readers should know about? 

There you have it! 

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