Support frontline healthcare workers and meet unmet needs

The HomeFront is a volunteer organization working in partnership with registered charity The Upside Foundation, acting as a central hub to help Frontline Healthcare Workers get the support they need during COVID-19. 

 We are working towards 3 goals: 

 1) Collect donations to support charities that are responding on the frontlines, 

 2) Encourage and facilitate in-kind donations of the PPE, supplies and services that frontline workers need, and 

 3) Connect those who want to help with the resources, tools, connections and knowledge they need to understand where they can make a difference and take meaningful action. 


- Take action based on the urgent needs shared by those who need help the most 

 - Be in it for the long haul (this is a marathon, not a sprint) 

 - Act selflessly, without need for credit 

 - Don’t get in the way - complement other official and citizen-led initiatives

 - Hope for the best - prepare for the worst 

 - Help to channel energy and good intentions into productive action 

The Team

Jennifer Couldrey, 

Co-Founder, Toronto Lead

Diana House, 

Co-Founder, London Lead

Zoe Share, 

Communications Lead

Nicole Hrinco, 

Resource Development Lead

Jenessa Olson, 

Accommodations Lead, 

London Co-Lead

Alexis Dean, 

Small Business Donations

Swarit Dholakia, 

Technology Lead

Ashley Wang, 

Partnerships Coordinator  

Brendan Higgins, Partnerships Outreach 

Janice Sousa, 

Medical Product Sourcing 

Kate Grant, 

Volunteer Coordinator

Jill Valentine, 

Volunteer Coordinator

Mark Jaine, 


Oksana Salamaszek, 

Needs Coordinator 

Mike Brcic, 


Davinia Chew, 

Meals Coordinator

Sarah Selhi, 

Space Coordinator 

Madison Olson, 

London Co-Lead 


The Home Front is fortunate to be collaborating with a number of other mission-aligned organizations in Canada and the United States, 

in order to share knowledge and best practices while tackling this challenge together. 

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