Here are a few ways that we are looking for support.

        1. Donate supplies

Donate supplies or services from your business or home. We're looking for: 

- PPE (personal protection equipment) including masks, gloves, gowns

- Medical supplies: swabs, hand sanitizer, medical grade wipes 

- Accommodations near hospitals (hotels, Airbnb, RVs)

- Meals or snacks for staff (granola bars, cookies, water, juice, wrapped chocolate or candy) 


- Baby monitors for staff to communicate with COVID-19 positive patients

- Small gender neutral tokens like lip balm or gift cards

- 3-D Printers

Please also use the contact form below if you have further ideas on how you can support. 

        2. Donate money

For donations under $500, click on the "Donate Money" button below to contribute to our Go Fund Me campaign. 

For contributions over $500, donors can specify where they'd like the funds to go, and will be issued a tax receipt. 10% of funds from donations go to support The Upside Foundation's work to enable the organization.

        3. Donate time

We're a team of Canadian volunteers who are giving their time to hustle and coordinate resources so our healthcare workers' needs are met, consider joining us.