Click below to access a list of Healthcare Workers' Resources, including promo codes for free meals from UberEats, free psychotherapy sessions, and more. 

Are you on the frontlines of this fight against COVID-19? We are currently working to support you in four key categories: 

- Personal Protective Equipment, 

- Medical Hardware, 

- Accommodations 

- Food & Snacks

Reach more about each category, and reach out using the form below to identify your evolving needs.

Personal Protective Equipment 

Does your organization need access to: gloves, gowns, visors and masks? We have been working to collect, purchase and manufacture these items with the help of so many amazing partners. 

Medical Hardware 

We are beginning to work with teams of engineers, manufacturers and universities to help bring respirator solutions forward. We understand there is a critical shortage and we are working to be a part of a creative solution. If there are other tools that your organization needs to directly serve COVID-19 patients, please let us know what they are.


We have received countless stories of healthcare professionals afraid to return home after long days for fear of exposing their families to the virus. With this in mind, we are partnering with local hotels, vacation sites and nation-wide accommodations companies to provide these workers with alternative housing. 

Food & Snacks

A common concern from healthcare professionals is that they have little time to run errands and prepare meals. This concern is amplified by the fact that after being potentially exposed to the virus, they can non longer go into public places to shop for food and necessities. We are partnering with organizations and individuals to help supply these workers with food, snacks and necessities so they can focus on keeping people healthy.